What is the Mid-Downs Training Hub?

Training Hubs are a national concept where a group of like-minded providers come together to collaborate on workforce retention, education and training. It creates an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to workforce planning by developing our local workforce, which includes GP’s, nurses, pharmacists, health care support workers, practice managers, administrators and receptionists. It is a holistic approach to education, training and work placements within the NHS. Training Hubs hope to deliver strategic aspirations to improve the health of the population through the development of the current and future primary care workforce.

Why do we need a Training Hub?

At a time of unprecedented increased demand and significantly constrained resources, there are large gaps in workforce. The main aim of the network is to help provide the tools needed to improve the outcomes for people who access care locally. The GP Five Year Forward View (GPFV) signals the importance of Training Hubs taking forward training, development and support to General Practice in order to help stabilise, sustain and then transform models of care.

Mid-Downs Training Hub Mission

Our Training Hub presents an exciting opportunity to develop sustainable solutions to ensure our workforce feels empowered and has the necessary; skills, competencies, resilience and confidence to deliver excellent patient care, alongside providing career opportunities to recruit people in the sector and retain our current workforce.

Mid-Downs Training Hub Objectives

 To develop a further understanding of our general practice short, medium and long workforce needs

 To increase clinical capacity in general practice by developing structured career pathways for health professionals aligned to our Sustainability Transformation Plan (STP) themes

 To increase multi-professional placement opportunities across primary and community care

 To implement a consistent approach to:

1. increasing multi-professional learning opportunities

2. improving the delivery of statutory and mandatory training

3. To consistently communicate the network to our members so that they are aware of the network and the opportunities available to them

Our stakeholders

We aim to facilitate collaborative working across a range of out of hospital, health and social care providers and stakeholders which includes;

 General practice workforce (Clinical and non-clinical)

 GP Programme Directors

 GP Tutors

 Practice managers

 Primary care workforce tutors

 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

 Schools & Universities

 Community Trusts

 GP Federation

 Patient participation groups

Alliance for Better Care.