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ABC is working with practices within their PCN groupings to deliver the Covid Vaccination Programme. Our focus from the beginning has been to help all practices in the region to deliver a safe and effective programme that affords local residents access to the vaccine as quickly as possible. The project has required collaborative working with numerous partners including representatives from parish, town, borough and district councils. We have also benefited from CCG and ICP level support, as well as enthusiastic involvement from the local volunteer sector.

As a GP Federation that unites more than 40 practices within the region, our vaccination sites have benefited from our overarching management and our capacity to deliver services and resources at scale.

ABC is sub-contracted to provide the Covid Vaccination Service to member practices in East Surrey, Crawley and Mid-Sussex, to do this they have access to patient information held by these practices for the purpose of inviting patients for their first and second dose of the vaccine.

Message from our Chief Executive

ABC Chief Executive, Katherine Saunders said: “Alongside our numerous partners we rolled out a vaccination programme in a matter of days just before Christmas. A project of this scale would normally be many months or years in the making and the achievement of ABC and all its partners therefore cannot be underestimated.

We’re now six months on from the launch of our first vaccination site and what we’ve achieved to date should be a great source of pride for the whole team. We’ve administered more than 347,777 vaccines, including housebound patients, care home staff, residents and frontline clinical staff. We have implemented an agile and effective process that has allowed us to not only roll out seven sites so far but also adapt to a roving model and get out to care homes quickly. I’d like to personally thank all our staff and partners, who have invested huge amounts of time and effort in making this possible. We continue to work hard to react to the changing schedule and remain focused on working closely with you all to deliver a safe and effective vaccination programme in the coming months.

Our vaccination sites

In addition to our main vaccination sites below, Alliance for Better Care have a roving service responsible for our care homes and housebound patients and have previously had two Mobile Vaccination Units serving Sussex and Surrey. We continue to host various walk-in clinics with our community partners.

Saxonbrook, Crawley
The Maidenbower practice-based site has been set up in partnership with South Crawley and Crawley Care Collaborative PCNs, Crawley Borough Council and Crawley Community Action. The practice was the first of ABC’s sites to start rolling out the vaccination programme from 15th December. 12 July: 50,889 vaccinations, including care home staff, residents and housebound. 31,473 first dose, 19,416 second dose.

Westway Community Centre, Caterham
Westway Community Centre sits at the heart of the local community and has been developed into a vaccination site in collaboration with North Tandridge PCN, Surrey County Council and Surrey Heartlands CCG. The site went live on the 16th Dec.
12 July: 48,788 vaccinations including care home staff, residents and housebound. First dose 26,945 second dose 21,843.

Woodhatch Place, Reigate (former Canon Centre)
This stand alone site has been created in partnership with the Care Collaborative PCN, Surrey County Council and Surrey Heartlands CCG and went live on the 18th December. The former Canon Centre is now the new home to Surrey County Council.
12 July: 44,955 vaccinations, including care home staff, residents and housebound. First dose 26,943, second dose 18,012.

Clair Hall Local Vaccination Service (Perrymount Road)
Clair Hall went live on the 29th December and is currently our biggest site. We work closely with all practices in Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill to roll out their vaccination programme and continue to work in partnership with Haywards Heath Villages PCN and Mid-Sussex District Council. 12 July: 104,090 vaccinations, including care home staff, residents and housebound. First dose 59,994, second dose 44,096.

Leacroft Medical Practice and Hindu Temple, Apple Tree Centre, Crawley
This practice-based site went live on the 29th December. As with Saxonbrook, the site is a collaborative project between ourselves, Crawley Care Collaborative PCN, Crawley Borough Council and Crawley Community Action. Leacroft is currently the lead site supporting our Mobile Vaccination Unit, working with local authorities, community leaders and organisations to bring the vaccine to harder to reach patients. In March 2021, the Leacroft Team relocated the majority of their vaccination operations to the Hindu Temple, Apple Tree Centre. 12 July: 41,593 vaccinations, including care home staff, residents, housebound patients, patients via the Mobile Vaccination Unit (Metrobus) and the Hindu Temple, Apple Tree Centre. First dose 25,058 second dose 16,535.

Centenary Hall, Smallfield
This site sits next to Smallfield surgery and went live on the 7th January. The project is a collaboration between Horley PCN, Surrey Heartlands CCG and Smallfield Parish Council. 12 July: 28,685 vaccinations including care home staff, residents and housebound patients. First dose 16,347 second dose 12,338.

Meridian Hall, East Grinstead – This site is no longer being used by our Vaccination Programme. Any vaccinations that were due to take place at Meridian Hall will now relocate to Clair Hall.
The Meridian Hall site went live on 14th January and has involved a partnership between East Grinstead Primary Care Network and East Grinstead Town Council. 14 June: 28,777 vaccinations including care home staff, residents and housebound patients. First dose 15,344, second dose 13,433.

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You can read more about our vaccination programme in our recent press coverage.

The UK Covid-19 Vaccines Delivery Plan includes our Mobile Vaccination Service as a case study. Read the full review and download the PDF here.

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We have a fantastic network of volunteers in a variety of roles, supporting us at all of our sites. Volunteers are coordinated by our local partners and are managed per site. If you are interested, please contact our partners:

Crawley Community Action
Love Your Neighbour, Crawley Group
Voluntary Action Reigate and Banstead
Reigate and Banstead Borough Council
Smallfield Surgery Health Champions
East Grinstead Lions Club


You can find out more information on the vaccination programme in Sussex here and Surrey here.

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