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ABC is working with practices within their PCN groupings to deliver the Covid Vaccination Programme. Our focus from the beginning has been to help all practices in the region to deliver a safe and effective programme that affords local residents access to the vaccine as quickly as possible. The project has required collaborative working with numerous partners including representatives from parish, town, borough and district councils. We have also benefited from CCG and ICP level support, as well as enthusiastic involvement from the local volunteer sector.

As a GP Federation that unites more than 40 practices within the region, our vaccination sites have benefited from our overarching management and our capacity to deliver services and resources at scale.

ABC Chief Executive, Katherine Saunders said: “Alongside our numerous partners we’ve rolled out a vaccination programme in a matter of days. A project of this scale would normally be many months or years in the making and the achievement of ABC and all its partners therefore cannot be underestimated.

We’re now almost a month on from the launch of our first vaccination site at Saxonbrook in Crawley and what we’ve achieved to date should be a great source of pride for the whole team. We’ve administered more than 15,000 vaccines already, including patients from the over-80s cohort, care home staff and residents, and frontline clinical staff. We’re delighted to have started receiving the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and have implemented an agile and effective process that has allowed us to not only roll out six sites so far but also adapt to a roving model and get out to care homes quickly. I’d like to personally thank all our staff and partners, who have invested huge amounts of time and effort in making this possible. We continue to work hard to react to the changing schedule and remain focused on working closely with you all to deliver a safe and effective vaccination programme in the coming months.

During the first week of the programme the team vaccinated almost 4,000 patients with a further 11,000 by mid January.

General advice

Patients will be contacted as soon as it is their turn to receive the vaccine. You can find more about the NHS roll out here.

Our vaccination sites

We have started to receive the Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine at our sites in addition to the Pfizer Vaccine.

Saxonbrook, Crawley
The Maidenbower practice-based site has been set up in partnership with South Crawley and Crawley Care Collaborative PCNs, Crawley Borough Council and Crawley Community Action. The practice was the first of ABC’s sites to start rolling out the vaccination programme between 15th – 18th December. The team are on track to vaccinate 2,250 people by the third week of January, including care home staff and residents.

Westway Community Centre, Caterham
Westway Community Centre sits at the heart of the local community and has been developed into a vaccination site in collaboration with North Tandridge PCN, Surrey County Council and Surrey Heartlands CCG. The team are on track to have vaccinated 3,250 people by the third week of January.

Woodhatch Place, Reigate (former Canon Centre)
Having vaccinated the first cohort of 1,000 patients in their first week, the team are now on track to vaccinate 3,250 patients by the third week of January including care home staff and residents with the Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine. This stand alone site has been created in partnership with the Care Collaborative PCN, Surrey County Council and Surrey Heartlands CCG.

Clair Hall Local Vaccination Service (Perrymount Road)
The ABC team is working closely with all practices in Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill to roll out their vaccination programme at this site. The site went live on the 29th December and will have vaccinated 2,350 patients by the third week of January. Our team has worked in partnership with Haywards Heath Villages PCN and Mid-Sussex District Council to roll out the site.

Leacroft Medical Practice, Crawley
This practice-based site went live on the 29th December and will have vaccinated 2,350 patients by the third week of January including care homes staff and residents with the Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine. As with Saxonbrook, the site is a collaborative project between ourselves, Crawley Care Collaborative PCN, Crawley Borough Council and Crawley Community Action.

Centenary Hall, Smallfield
This site sits next to Smallfield surgery and went live on the 7th January. They will have vaccinated 2,350 patients by the third week of January, including care home residents receiving the AstraZeneca Oxford Vaccine. The project is a collaboration between Horley PCN, Surrey Heartlands CCG and Smallfield Parish Council.

Meridian Hall, East Grinstead
The Meridian Hall site is scheduled to go live on 14th January. The site has involved a partnership between East Grinstead Primary Care Network and East Grinstead Town Council.

Government guidelines update

As you will most likely be aware, the Government has updated its guidelines on the timing between first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. It is now confirmed that there is a good level of protection for up to 12 weeks after the first dose, and we are therefore being asked to increase the time between doses to up to 12 weeks. This will allow us to vaccinate as many people as possible with their first dose in the coming months, and ensure even more people can receive this vital protection. In both Surrey and Sussex, where we run our vaccination sites, we are implementing the following: 

Patients over the age of 80 who had their first vaccine in the first or second wave, which was before Monday the 21st of December, will receive their second vaccine as planned exactly 21 days after their first and at the same site they received their first dose. This will be at the following sites: 

  • Saxonbrook – First vaccine 15th to 18th December, patients will have second vaccine 5th to 8th January 
  • Westway – First vaccine 16th to 21st December, patients will have second vaccine 6th to 11th January 
  • Woodhatch Place (former Canon site) – First vaccine 18th to 20th December, patients will have second vaccine 8th to 10th January 

It has not been possible to cancel and reschedule these elderly patients within the notice period given and so a clinical decision has been made to continue with the second dose as planned. 

NHS Staff who had their vaccine on the above dates will have their second vaccine postponed and rebooked for a later date. We have contacted those organisations directly. For all other patients who received their first dose after the 21st December we will be giving the second dose closer to the 12-week point and will be in touch to confirm the date of their second dose. This appointment will replace any booked to take place three weeks after the first dose. This will be patients who were vaccinated at the following sites: 

  • Saxonbrook – any patient vaccinated after the 18th December 
  • Woodhatch Place (former Canon site) – patients vaccinated 29th to 31st December 
  • Clair Hall Local Vaccination Service (Perrymount Road) – patients vaccinated 29th to 31st December 
  • Leacroft Medical Practice – patients vaccinated 29th December to 1st January 

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Our team

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Staff at Vaccination Sites

All of our centres run their rota through Lantum – an online web based system which we have used for several years for booking GP staff.   It’s a very effective system but we are using it for a slightly different purpose so have put together this guide to make you using it as easy as possible. Anyone wanting to work in a vaccination site whatever the terms (through their employer, as part of a workforce bank, self employed or just volunteering) needs to go to the Lantum website.

Getting Paid 
If you are registered on Lantum already you will continue to be paid via Lantum 

Working through Current Employer 
If you are working through your current employer and expecting to be paid through them, we will use the information from Lantum to generate a timesheet and invoice. This will be sent to your employer to ensure that you are paid on a monthly basis.

Being paid directly 
For staff working as self-employed, please complete this time sheet and send to for payment. Shifts should be grouped together in 2-3 week blocks and not submitted as individual shifts. We will endeavor to make payment within 14 days.


You can find out more information on the vaccination programme in Sussex here.

You can find out more information on the vaccination programme in Surrey here.

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To find out more about the Alliance for Better Care Vaccination Programme, please contact Jasmine Plowright and Claire Kenton.

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