Flu Vaccination Programme

We have now started our Flu Vaccination programme which is being co-administered with the Covid-19 Booster Vaccination as part of our Autumn / Winter Programme. Full information and FAQs available.

We are aware that some patients are experiencing difficulty reaching our call centre staff when trying to arrange their flu vaccination appointment. As practices are sending booking invitations to their patients, we’re receiving six times the usual daily call volume and while our team of experienced call centre staff are doing everything in their power to answer as many calls as they can, there are still much longer waiting times than we would want. We therefore want to apologise to any patients who experienced difficulties reaching us. Our call centre is open 9.30am – 5.30pm, seven days a week and we continue to work hard to bring any waiting times down.

Alliance for Better Care Team
Statement 14 September 19:00

For those members that have requested our support in delivering the flu vaccination, we can confirm that we have begun liaising with practices individually to co-ordinate site-specific vaccine delivery dates, clinic dates and patient communications.

The reason we have staggered the approach is because each site has differing delivery schedules and we therefore want to ensure clinics are tailored to their specific timetables.

We will be in touch with all remaining practices shortly, and it is our intention that all invitations will have been sent out to patients by 20th September, including details for the contact centre and guidance on how to book an appointment.

Alliance for Better Care Team
Statement 8 September 17:00

Statement 4 September

As reported in the press, there are freight issues causing delays with flu vaccine delivery. We are awaiting further information on the status of these deliveries. Please note, we are also still awaiting the delayed guidance for the Covid-19 Booster Programme.

We will continue to work with our member practices to book patients aged 80+ and those who fall within the under-65 clinically vulnerable category for a flu jab appointment with the understanding that we might need to reschedule if the delays continue.

We kindly ask patients to not call their GP Practice about Flu Vaccinations at this time and assure our patients that this is in hand.

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