In line with our agreed vision and values, we will work with the Clinical Commissioning Group and partner provider organisations to:
  • Create a single care system, providing an accessible, coordinated and simplified experience
  • Prioritise the activities that add value to our patients – ensuring that we are intervening in the optimal way and time in a person’s life
  • Be accountable to and led by our citizens, building on their strengths and assets and ensuring that everything we do is designed, produced and delivered with them
  • Empower and support our population to take control of their own health and care, ensuring that they feel confident to do so, being able to easily access support and advice as needed
  • Unleash the creativity, talent and resourcefulness of our collective workforces, creating the conditions and culture to identify problems and develop effective solutions together
  • Create the systems and processes needed to support this change, ensuring our citizens and workforces have the information, tools and advice they need
  • Design a care system for now and for the future, continually ensuring that we are looking forward, learning and developing as a single system.

Alliance for Better Care.