Staff at Vaccination Sites

All of our centres run their rota through Lantum – an online web based system which we have used for several years for booking GP staff.   It’s a very effective system but we are using it for a slightly different purpose so have put together this guide to make you using it as easy as possible. Anyone wanting to work in a vaccination site whatever the terms (through their employer, as part of a workforce bank, self employed or just volunteering) needs to go to the ABC Vaccination Staff Bank.

Getting Paid 
If you are registered on the ABC Vaccination Staff Bank already you will continue to be paid via Lantum 

Working through Current Employer 
If you are working through your current employer and expecting to be paid through them, we will use the information from Lantum to generate a timesheet and invoice. This will be sent to your employer to ensure that you are paid on a monthly basis.

Being paid directly 
For staff working as self-employed, please complete this time sheet and send to for payment. Shifts should be grouped together in 2-3 week blocks and not submitted as individual shifts. We will endeavor to make payment within 14 days.

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